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Victorious Solutions LLC

Aid through trade
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                     Give a man a fish, you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you'll feed him for a lifetime.

Victorious Solutions is dedicated to providing aid to developing cultures through trade. As an importer partnering with socially conscience manufacturing companies, Victorious Solutions not only contributes economic stimulus but also brings attention to a culture that most people would not be aware of otherwise here in The United States.
Products and Projects

Currently, Victorious Solutions is intorducing Americans to the hottest hot sauce brand in South Africa. Veri Peri is manufactured and produced by All Joy Foods, a company started by Marci Pather. All Joy employs hundreds of workers from all walks of life, including dozens of women who live in a small farming village outside of Krugersdorp, Johannesburg suburb. All Joy's motto is "Value makes friends and quality keeps them" whic Victorious Solutions strives to bring to homes across America. Veri Peri is made with the African Bird's Eye Chili which is considered the truffle of chilies. Due to its delicate yet potent characteristics the Bird's Eye Chili must be harvested by hand from Mozambique or Malawi. Once the ground chili arrives at the All Joy factory it is mixed with other ingredients to create an emulsion which requires no heating or cooling, making this a green product. Consisting of five flavors; Lemon &Herb, Garlic, Mild, Hot, and Veri Hot, Veri Peri has something for everyone with varying heat levels/

History and Value

Victorious Solutions is a young (est in 2010) woman owned business founded by Victoria Neale to bring attention and sustainable solutions those in need. After traveling to South Africa she was mesmerized by strength and spirit of the people. Victorious Solutions conducts transparent business and open communication to collectively solve issues. We are only as strong as our weakest links and it is building these bonds and raising the bar for the global community that will accomplish real results. Tenacious and focused business allows for big strides.


Victorious Solutions LLC
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